Want to run a DDMRP pilot? Then use Excel before making any costly decisions

In this video, Stefan Glar-Hammarsund will briefly explain how to run an inexpensive DDMRP pilot project.

For the time being it is rather important that all companies do their best to come well through the current tough times and try to build a stronger foundation for the future.

And some companies have the time now to – quite inexpensively – test the DDMRP planning principles by running a DDMRP pilot project in Excel. It is appropriate to try it for a range of your products such as 30-40 products.

Then you can make live decisions based on DDMRP principles to see how beneficial it is in your organization, before you eventually decide to invest in establishing DDMRP in your full production environment.

For further questions, please contact Stefan Glar-Hammarsund at +45 2421 8160 or sgh@syncronic.com.