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DDMRP online kursus 17 & 24 marts

Stefan Glar-Hammarsund , Kristoffer Steen og Camilla Thuge Lund fra Syncronic afholder online kursus om Demand Driven MRP. Det foregår om formiddagen 17. og 24. marts. Skal du med?

Som deltager på kurset kan du forvente at få:

  • En introduktion til Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP) og det relaterede begrebsapparat
  • Diskussion af fordele og forbedringspotentialer ved DDMRP, samt hvordan det integrerer til taktisk planlægning og S&OP
  • Gennemgang af konkrete metoder, værktøjer og fremgangsmåder
  • Inspiration til, hvordan man kommer i gang med DDMRP
  • Konkret case-arbejde med din egen virksomhed inklusiv en handlingsplan

Kurset er målrettet til medarbejdere eller ledere, som arbejder med indkøb og/eller produktionsplanlægning. Kurset henvender sig både til dig, der ikke ved så meget om Demand Driven MRP og til dig, der allerede har lidt/medium kendskab.

For tilmelding og yderligere information:

POSTED 3/3 2021

Webinar on Demand Driven MRP, February 11th 2021

Syncronic and Novozymes hosted a Webinar with DILF on Demand Driven MRP. The webinar had more than 100 participants, which shows the great interest there is for DDMRP in the market. If you missed our webinar you can watch the recording here:

POSTED 28/2 2021

Webinar: Vil du forbedre service levels og reducere varelager og lead times med Demand Driven MRP?

Er det i år, I skal forbedre service levels og reducere varelager og lead times med Demand Driven MRP?

Eller er du bare nysgerrig på, om DDMRP reelt kan gøre planlægning og skedulering bedre i din virksomhed og give strategiske fordele?

Så tilmeld dig DILF’s online webinar d. 11. februar

  • På webinaret kan du høre Peter Christian Graae, Head of Supply Chain Service in Novozymes, fortælle om brug af DDMRP i stor skala, og om hvordan Novozymes nu vil brede konceptet ud til lokationer i en række lande. Novozymes er nok den virksomhed i Danmark, som er kommet længst med DDMRP.
  • Stefan Glar-Hammersund og Kristoffer Steen fra Syncronic giver dig forklaringen på, hvorfor DDMRP ofte er bedre end traditionel MRP.
  • Desuden får du opskriften på, hvordan du nemt og uden store omkostninger kan udregne DDMRP’s potentielle gevinster for din virksomhed.

Klik her for at se program og tilmelde dig til DILF’s online webinar d. 11. februar kl. 10-11

Hvis du i øvrigt har spørgsmål om DDMRP, så kontakt Stefan Glar-Hammersund, Partner i Syncronic, på +45 2421 8160 eller

POSTED 22/1 2021

Syncronic welcomes Mathias Tvede-Möller

Mathias Tvede-Möller (23) has been hired as a Junior Consultant at Syncronic, which is Denmark’s largest specialized consultancy within Supply Chain Management and IT.

In his new position at Syncronic, Mathias Tvede-Möller will help Syncronic’s customers implement Supply Chain solutions.

“Working at one of Denmark’s leading consulting companies within Supply Chain Management gives me a fantastic opportunity to work with real life cases for some of the largest companies on both sides of Øresund, and I look very much forward to getting started,” says Mathias Tvede-Möller.

Mathias Tvede-Möller has a Danish father and a Swedish mother and grew up in the small town of Beddinge Strand in southern Sweden, which matches well with the fact that Syncronic has many customers in both countries.

In addition to his work, Mathias Tvede-Möller is currently studying a Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management at CBS.

POSTED 19/1 2021

Syncronic welcomes Svend Bryndum

Svend Bryndum (53) has been hired as a Principal Consultant at syncronic, which is Denmark’s largest specialist consultancy in supply chain management and IT.

In his new position at Syncronic, Svend Bryndum will help corporate customers implement supply chain solutions in both SAP environments and Kinaxis environments.

Svend Bryndum has 25 years of experience as a consultant and has solved tasks in Europe, the USA, the Middle East and Asia.

He has especially worked with SAP system configuration and IT architecture solutions in connection with large ERP and supply chain transformation projects.

Posted 8/1 2021

The Syncronic Award SCLF 2020

Syncronic represented by Partner, Henrik Knak awarded the prize as Denmark’s best supply chain manager to Torsten Steenholt from Chr. Hansen at the conference Supply Chain Leaders Forum 2020.
The conference was held with approximately 250 Danish supply chain professionals as an online event due to the corona situation. Fortunately, we had also invited journalist Poul Breil Hansen from That is why you can read more about the award ceremony and the conference at

Posted 23/9 2020

Syncronic welcomes new Junior consultant

Jonathan Wallin Sørensen (26) has been hired as a Junior Consultant in Syncronic and will primarily work within SAP Services, Business Consulting, and Supply Chain Consulting.
Jonathan has previously been responsible for supply chain planning at Butchers & Bicycles, and he has a degree in engineering (production). Currently, he is taking a Master at IT-Universitetet in Copenhagen.

Posted 11/9 2020

Syncronic welcomes three new consultants

Lau Holst Hoffbeck (28) is employed as an application consultant within SAP and Kinaxis and as an SCM business consultant focusing on DDMRP. Lau is an educated production engineer and carpenter and most recently he worked with supply chain and procurement at Novo Nordisk and Novozymes.

Kristoffer Steen (40) will act as a project manager and architect within production planning in SAP and Kinaxis environments. Kristoffer has a candidate in supply chain management from CBS, and for the past three years he has worked as purchasing manager at Mercedes-Benz Cph. Before that he worked eight years at Syncronic, so he already knows the company quite well.

Thomas Gillespie Vestergaard (31) has been hired as a consultant. His primary task is to help companies optimize production planning with the help of Rapid Response from Kinaxis, which recently selected Syncronic as a partner in Denmark. Thomas has previously worked at Jabra and CSC / DXC Technology.

Posted 14/5 2020

Take a deep dive into the 5 steps of DDMRP together with Stefan

If you have a solid interest in how you can use the DDMRP methodology in your company’s short term production planning, this video might interest you (duration: 5:11).
The video is a DEEP DIVE into the 5 DDMRP steps, which are:

  1. Define decoupling points
  2. Volume of buffer profiles
  3. Dynamic adjustments and updates in the planning system
  4. Net flow calculation of production (or procurement)
  5. Decide what production sequences that should be prioritized

When you have seen the video, you will understand the meaning of each step, and why you should start with step 4 and 5 before going to step 1-3.

Posted 13/5 2020

Syncronic hire Lau Holst Hoffbeck as SAP and Kinaxis SCM consultant

Lau Holst Hoffbeck (28) is employed as a consultant in Syncronic, which with 30 employees is Denmark’s largest specialized advisor in supply chain management and IT.

At Syncronic, Lau will primarily serve as an application consultant within SAP and Kinaxis and as an SCM business consultant.

Lau is a trained production engineer and most recently worked with supply chain and purchasing at Novo Nordisk and Novozymes.

He is also a trained carpenter and has worked as such in Norway, Finland, New Zealand, and Hawaii.

Lau lives in Copenhagen, has traveled and hiked in many countries and has now chosen to work in Syncronic to work with experienced and passionate supply chain management consultants.

Posted 6/5 2020

DDMRP planning principles are – unfortunately – the best fit during the Corona crisis

Danish supply chain leaders have a different type of concern about the consequences of the corona crisis than their counterparts in the rest of Europe.

This is evident from a survey conducted by Supply Chain Media and Syncronic.

In most manufacturing and logistics companies, the Corona crisis has swept all forecasts off the table.

They have become obsolete overnight because demand has changed so drastically.

And when we try to look forward, nobody can say exactly what the market looks like in a week, a month or a year. 

You can also put it another way: The Corona crisis is the extreme VUCA scenario.

VUCA is a term invented by US military analysts in 1987 to describe how modern society is designed and is a contraction of the concepts:

  • Volatility
  • Uncertainty
  • Complexity
  • Ambiguity

Unfortunately, all four concepts are all too current right now.

And, of course, it is also extremely difficult for companies to plan, because what should they plan for? Will the volume change by 20% or 50%?

Is it possible to obtain raw materials and semi-finished products from China and southern Europe? Will demand come back half or double in a few months?

And how do we in these circumstances ensure efficient management of our supply chain and high delivery service to customers?

The obvious planning method

With so many uncertainties, it is obvious to use DDMRP as a planning method. Simply because the method uses actual demand as a management component in determining production volume and procurement. 

Thus, in the short term, one becomes independent of forecasts and seriously “demand driven” as opposed to traditional cascade models based on MRP, where a quarterly or annual revenue is determined and from this a certain weekly or daily production is determined.

Cascade models in these Corona times have an extremely large margin of error because they look in the mirror of history as opposed to DDMRP, which is, so to speak, looking out the windshield on actual orders to predict what should be produced right now.

In fact, once the Corona crisis is over, DDMRP will still be a superior planning method. It works both in crises and in more peaceful situations.

Therefore, your company might as well take a closer look at DDMRP and build some benefits immediately – benefits that will sustain when the world opens up again and everything are “just” moderately volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

To learn more about DDMRP, you can watch these short videos on the topic:

If you have any questions about how your company can use DDMRP in the current situation, you are always welcome to contact me on +45 2421 8160 or

Posted 23/4 2020

Danish supply chain leaders worry more than their European counterparts during the corona crisis

Danish supply chain leaders have a different type of concern about the consequences of the corona crisis than their counterparts in the rest of Europe.

This is evident from a survey conducted by Supply Chain Media and Syncronic that was carried out in the second half of March.

“Only” 44 % of Danish SCM executives are concerned if their companies are affected by a lack of supplies. Here, the figure is 60 % for Europe as a whole.

Conversely, Danish SCM executives have far more wrinkles in the pan over the financial aspects.

  • Another 67 % of Danish SCM executives are concerned about the survival of their own company against “only” 46 % in the rest of Europe.
  • And likewise, 67 % of Danes are concerned about whether their main customers are surviving the crisis. The corresponding figure for the rest of Europe is just 31 %.
  • At the same time, Danish SCM managers are also significantly more concerned about whether transport to customers should become a bottleneck compared to their European counterparts (78% vs. 49%).

“It is clear that the production sector in particular has been closed down more abroad than in Denmark, while the incoming volumes have not been affected similarly. This makes it easier for Danish companies to produce goods from their factories. On the other hand, Danes are now much more concerned about what is happening on the customer side, with every third seeing an extreme fall in demand against only one in four abroad,” said Henrik Knak, Partner at Syncronic.

The fact that Danish SCM leaders in some areas are a little more concerned – or maybe just more responsible – than in the rest of the world, does not surprise him. For the relatively high level of Danish concern may be related to the fact that Danish top executives have generally been very concerned about a general global recession since the turn of the year.

The Corona situation has only further exacerbated this concern.

Henrik Knak also warns that the effect of the former production substance in China has not yet been fully realized by many Danish and European companies, as shipments of goods by ship can take up to 12 weeks:

“It can easily create a delayed effect on the supply side in Europe. Also, the many unknown factors and rapid development brought about by the corona crisis can shift the overall picture,” said Henrik Knak.

Read all the survey results here.

Posted 21/4 2020

New Podcast in Danish for Supply Chain Leaders, hosted by Dorthe Finne

The new “Supply Chain Leaders Podcast” hosted by Dorthe Finne has just been launched. The podcast is made for IDA Operations Management in collaboration with the Supply Chain Leader Forum.

In the first episode Henrik Knak from Syncronic talks about trends in supply chain management, based on Syncronic’s annual survey of SCM Trends & Responses 2020.

Dorthe Finne is the originator of this new media for sharing knowledge and attitudes about Supply Chain Management aimed at leaders in the field.

The podcast can be found on either Apple Podcast or Spotify.

Posted 6/4 2020

Want to run a DDMRP pilot? Then use Excel before making any costly decisions

In this video, Stefan Glar-Hammarsund will briefly explain how to run an inexpensive DDMRP pilot project. 

For the time being it is rather important that all companies do their best to come well through the current tough times and try to build a stronger foundation for the future.

And some companies have the time now to – quite inexpensively – test the DDMRP planning principles by running a DDMRP pilot project in Excel. It is appropriate to try it for a range of your products such as 30-40 products.

Then you can make live decisions based on DDMRP principles to see how beneficial it is in your organization, before you eventually decide to invest in establishing DDMRP in your full production environment.

For further questions, please contact Stefan Glar-Hammarsund at +45 2421 8160 or

Posted 31/3 2020

Syncronic hire former elite swimmer

Thomas Gillespie Vestergaard (31) has been hired as a consultant in Syncronic, which with 30 employees is Denmark’s largest specialist advisor in supply chain management and IT.

Thomas is a former elite swimmer and is now “just” swimming Masters, which are serious competitions under the Danish Swimming Association, where he swims against others at his own age.

At Syncronic, Thomas will help large companies in Denmark optimize their production planning. Amongst others through the Rapid Response planning system from Kinaxis, a company which recently chose Syncronic as a partner in Denmark.

Thomas has most recently worked with production planning at Jabra and has been employed by CSC (DXC Technology).

Posted 31/3 2020

The 10 things supply chain leaders focus most on in 2020

This year’s edition of Syncronic SCM Trends & Responses 2020 study shows, that S&OP & next generation IBP and demand planning and forecasting are the two most important levers of change for supply chain leaders as a response to key trends in 2020, followed by customer experience, operational excellence, and supply chain strategy.

Further down the list at places # 6 to # 10 are warehouse optimization, financial agility, digitalization, supply chain network design, and supply chain collaboration.

Most surprising is probably, that warehouse optimization raced from a place # 26 to # 6 in only one year. And that last year’s top scorer – financial agility by cost optimization & decreased capital bindings – went six places down despite the # 1 trends in 2020: Increased cost pressure. Planning in various shapes and forms seem to be supply chain leaders preferred key enabler in 2020.

The study was carried out in February 2020 before the coronavirus pandemic reached Europe and is based on answers from 22 supply chain directors and managers from primarily large and global companies in Denmark.

To get a full presentation of the trend study to understand the implications for your company, please contact Syncronic Partner Henrik Knak at +45 5354 6055 or

Supply Chain Responses in Denmark 2020

  1. S&OP & next generation IBP
  2. Demand planning and forecasting
  3. Customer experience
  4. Operational excellence via lean, 6 sigma & process optimization
  5. Supply Chain strategy
  6. Warehouse optimization
  7. Financial agility by cost optimization & decreased capital bindings
  8. Digitalization
  9. Supply chain network design
  10. Supply chain collaboration
Posted 24/3 2020

These 7 supply chain trends are most prevailing in Denmark

In this year’s edition of Syncronic SCM Trends & Responses 2020 study, cost pressure is the most important trend, followed by digitalization in general and sustainability with a focus on CO2 reductions.

Other important trends are increased demand for services, increased regulatory pressure, and political and economic uncertainty.

Last year’s top scorer, “Exploding portfolio complexity”, is this year down to a place # 11. And emerging markets has dropped from a place # 7 to place # 22 (the list consists of 26 supply chain trend factors).

The study was carried out in February 2020 before the coronavirus pandemic reached Europe and is based on answers from 22 supply chain directors and managers from primarily large companies in Denmark.

If you like to get a presentation of the full trend study and what implications the trends might have for your company, please contact Syncronic Partner Henrik Knak at +45 5354 6055 or

Supply Chain Trends in Denmark 2020

  1. Cost pressure
  2. Digitalization in general
  3. Sustainability with a focus on CO2 reductions
  4. Increased demand for services
  5. Increased regulatory pressure
  6. Policy uncertainty
  7. Economic uncertainty
Posted 19/3 2020

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Posted 13/3 2020

Executive Lounge 2020

At Syncronics annual Executive Lounge event March 4 at Gemyse restaurant in Tivoli, the participants were discussing which SCM trends and challenges, that are the most urgent.

As part of the program, Henrik Knak also took us through SCM Trends 2020. Martin Johansen answered why concurrent planning has become so important in these times with Brexit, trade wars, corona viruses, and rapid changes in supply and demand. And Stefan Glar-Hammarsund once again opened our eyes for all the benefits of implementing demand driven material requirements planning.

We look forward to seeing you again next year!

Posted 5/3 2020

The unique DDMRP game is the easiest way to get a clear understanding of the DDMRP concept and the benefits it can have for your company

Last year Syncronic helped Novozymes get started with a DDMRP pilot (as the first Danish company), using exported SAP data in Excel. The pilot alone has led to significant inventory reductions and increased service levels and efficiency.

At Syncronic, we believe that DDMRP is the future for many. Besides Novozymes we have already seen many great DDMRP business cases including 30-40 % reductions of inventory, a 10-20% rise in service level, clear quality benefits, a less complex planning process, and easier prioritization of what to produce to meet the actual demand.

Accordingly, we are educating a broader part of our consultants in DDMRP. But as many others our people do also struggle to understand the principles, when they meet them for the first time. That’s why several of our consultants and one of our clients recently gathered around the table in our meeting room to play a DDMRP game with Lego blocks. The game was managed by Syncronic’s partner B2WISE, who has introduced quite a few international companies how to use DDMRP in their planning

The video shows the first part of the game, where each participant is trying to produce as much as possible without taking overall production and demand into the equation.

Posted 14/2 2020

Fredrik Liv is new Principal Consultant in Syncronic 

Fredrik Liv (44) has started as a Principal Consultant at Syncronic, which is Denmark’s largest specialized consultancy within Supply Chain Management and IT.

Throughout his career, Fredrik Liv has worked on optimizing the logistics and planning processes of large manufacturing companies and advised on practical SAP support for these processes. He will continue this focus in Syncronic.

Fredrik has previously worked for the consultancy Acando, Sony Ericsson and Tetra Pak, as well as been an independent consultant for the past six years, where he collaborated on quite a few Syncronic projects.

“I chose to be employed by Syncronic as the company is known in the industry for providing high quality and has some of the most competent, pleasant and ambitious consultants within supply chain management and SAP in Denmark, ”said Fredrik Liv.

Posted 11/12 2019

Peter Hove is new Principal Consultant in Syncronic

Peter Hove (51) has started as a Principal Consultant at Syncronic, which is Denmark’s largest specialized consultancy within Supply Chain Management and IT.

Peter Hove has a business degree from University of Roskilde and has worked with SAP for many years. He is specialized in design and implementation of Supply Chain processes for companies running SAP.

Peter Hove lives with his family in Svogerslev outside Roskilde and can several times a week be seen on his racing bike on the country roads around his home.

Posted 1/11 2019

Syncronic welcomes our two new Junior Consultants

Michael Schou Willumsen is currently on his last year of his Master’s degree: Operations and Management Engineering at Aalborg University Copenhagen. He has academic experience within Supply Chain Management.

Iben Winther Christensen is studying her first semester on her Master Degree in Supply Chain Management at Copenhagen Business School and will assist with tasks within SAP Services, Business Consulting and Strategy Consulting.

Posted 2/9 2019

Syncronic positioned well in the European SCM Consulting Subway Map 2019

Again in 2019, SYNCRONIC has been acknowledge for our extra strong capabilities in a number of SCM domains:

Recognized on core services

  • Predictive analytics & big data in supply chain
  • S&OP, forecasting, demand & supply planning
  • Distribution & logistics management optimization
  • Implementation advanced planning & scheduling

…and maturing on other services

  • Supply chain strategy
  • Supply chain network (re)design / optimization
  • Working capital & cash-to-cash optimization

Download the pdf and to read more, click here .

Posted 14/3 2019

Syncronic som Diamond Sponsor til SCLF 2019

Syncronic er igen i år DIAMOND SPONSOR på 8th Supply Chain Leaders Forum 2019, herunder prisen ’Best Supply Chain Executive in Denmark’.

Som med tidligere år, vil vi identificere top 25 supply chain ledere, belønne de bedste af de bedste i industrien og den akademiske verden, samt tilbyde masser af inspiration og trends.

Se eventet og meld dig til ved at klikke her.

Posted 8/3 2019

Sådan går det med SCM i 2019 har spurgt 16 SCM-eksperter om, hvad der vil ske på SCM-banen i 2019. Svarene tyder på, at følgende tre områder fortsat vil fylde mest: data og digitalisering, S&OP og kompetenceudvikling samt strategi og innovation. Men i 2019 kommer der en ny dimension; samfund og miljø. De 16 eksperters bud er en guldgrube af inspiration til, hvordan du kan udvikle din forsyningskæde.

Syncronics egen Henrik Knak giver også sit input i artiklen, som kan læses her:

Sådan går det med SCM i 2019 – Del 1 

Sådan går det med SCM i 2019 – Del 2

Sådan går det med SCM i 2019 – Del 3

Artiklen er publiceret af SCM+LOGISTIK , 15. februar 2019,

Posted 17/1 2019

Danish dynamite: Top-25 supply chain direktører 2018

Syncronic Management Consulting har via samarbejdet med foreningen AAASCM og Supply Chain Leaders Forum bidraget til at udvikle listen over de 25 bedste supply chain direktører i Danmark. Supply Chain Media og det anerkendte headhunter-firma Inspired-Search – begge fra Holland – har hjulpet med at identificere og rangere disse 25 dygtige ledere.

Her ses de fire faktorer og deres respektive underkriterier, som resulterede i én samlet score.   

Læs hele analysen her:

SCLF2018 Top-25 Supply Chain Ledere i Danmark

Top 11-25 Supply Chain Ledere i Danmark

Posted 31/10 2018

Temadag: Digital Supply Chain

Kom og hør inspirerende KEYNOTE indlæg fra tyske Schaeffler Technologies, og få et godt indblik i, hvordan bl.a. Mærsk, Walmart, Novo Nordisk og andre arbejder med digitalisering inden for supply chain, og få gode ideer, råd og sammenligningsgrundlag for jeres videre arbejde.

Syncronic sætter rammerne for dagens formiddagenskonference om, hvor langt vi er i Danmark med digitaliseringen samt hvor nogle af de væsentligste udfordringer kan ligge i implementeringen af sin digitale strategi i en supply chain kontekst.

Læs mere her

Posted 19/09 2018

Integreret forretningsplanlægning – hvorfor spiller dine ledere ikke på samme hold?

Ineffektivitet i ledelsesteams i form af uklar governance, silotænkning og manglende vilje til at prioritere og træffe fælles beslutninger danner ofte et glasloft i modningen af S&OP-processen. Ledelsesbarrierer, utilstrækkelige processer og dårlige data er en uheldig cocktail for opnåelse af Integrated Business Planning (IBP). De kan fjernes ved en struktureret tilgang – men det tager tid.

I artiklen vil du kunne læse om, 1) Hvordan silotækning bremser S&OP modenhed, 2) Hvordan IBP-rejsen kan gribes struktureret an og 3) CFO’ens rolle i en succesfuld IBP-rejse.

Først trykt i DILFOrientering, september 2018.

Hent artiklen her

Posted 11/09 2018

Syncronic uddelte stor ledelsespris til COO Jean  Marc Lechene fra Vestas 

Det årlige Supply Chain Leaders Forum (SCLF) fandt sted på Copenhagen Business School (CBS) i København onsdag den 5. september. Arrangementet er vokset væsentligt siden starten i 2011 med hensyn til omfanget og kvalitet, og denne 7. version af arrangementet blev besøgt af ca. 200 deltagere alle med interesse i ledelsesområdet for supply chain management. Arrangementet arrangeres i fællesskab af CBS, DTU, IDA samt AAASCM, som er en faglig organisation for at fremme af Supply Chain Management i Danmark. SCLF nominerer og priser de bedste CBS- og DTU-studerende samt de bedste topledere indenfor Supply Chain Management (SCM) i Danmark.

Årets tema var “Smart Chain Management” hvor bl.a. sidste års vinder af “Best Supply Chain Executive in Denmark”, Susanne Hundsbæk-Pedersen, holdte et oplæg om Novo Nordisk globale forsyningskæde. Syncronic sponsorerede for 2. år i træk prisen til bedste supply chain leder i Danmark. Jean Marc Lechene fra Vestas vandt i år denne pris bestående af en kunst-statuette af Åse Højer samt 250.000 kr. til en forundersøgelse.

Vil du læse mere om arrangementet, kan PR-meddelelsen hentes her

Ligeledes kan du finde top-10 listen samt kriterierne for prisen her

Posted 07/09 2018

A warm welcome to Syncronic’s new SAP consultant

Andrei Jercan is joining Syncronic’s SAP Service Practice in the role Senior Consultant after working as an SAP freelance consultant for the lifescience and chemical industries.

Andrei has 10+ years of experience in the Quality Management field, Manufacturing and Logistics. Andrei Jercan has previously worked for Boehringer Ingelheim, Teva, Ask Chemicals, SAP, IBM, GE and Pirelli

Posted 27/08 2018

Last mile challenges in the ecommerce era can be solved

Nowadays, last mile deliveries have become a key differentiator for companies. The more empowered consumers of today with new expectations have made the last mile such a challenge companies can hardly overcome.

Get inspired and get the answers to how to survive the last mile challenge in the article.

Download artiklen her

First published in DILFOrientering, August 2018.

Posted 24/08 2018

Syncronic has hired a new colleague

Martin Johansen, Master in Engineering (International Technology Management) from Aalborg University. He is hired as a consultant working within supply chain management and SAP. From previous employments in Carlsberg Denmark, KMD and Danske Bank he has obtained knowledge and experience within supply chain management, process optimisation and change management and developed strong IT-skills.

POSTED 2/5-18

Pressemeddelelse: Syncronic frigiver innovativ SAP IBP infinity demo i SAP Experience Center i København

Syncronic live i SAP Experience Center med SAP IBP infinity demo Syncronic Management Consulting har i samarbejde med SAP udviklet SAP Integrated Business Planning infinity demo til fast installation i det nye SAP Experience Center i København. Demo’en introducerer og gennemgår SAP’s IBP løsning, og er specielt konstrueret til centerets ’uendelighedsrum’. Rummet består af en storskærm og otte mindre skærme, som er fordelt rundt i rummet. Demoen, som tager 25-30 minutter, sender tilskuerne på en inspirationsrejse ind i planlægningens verden med udgangspunkt i SAP IBP og de nye muligheder som tilbydes.

Syncronic har udviklet demo’en til at blive brugt af såvel SAP selv ved events i centeret, som af SAPs partnere, herunder Syncronic som er Global SAP Silver Partner. Demo’en viser dels de klassiske udfordringer, som en virksomhed kæmper med, hvis forretningsplanlægningen og salgs- og operationsplanlægningen ikke fungerer godt. Herefter gennemgås ’Best practice’ processen, og hvorledes SAP IBP løsningen understøtter denne, samt de affødte fordele virksomheden vil opleve. Under demo-forløbet vil publikum både blive underholdt via storskærmen, og komme i interaktion rundt i rummet via de otte andre skærme.

Læs resten af pressemeddelelsen her

Posted 20/04 2018

FMCG industry: Unlocking value in the next-generation digital world 

Digitalization of the FMCG industry has been going on for some years now. Syncronic and MLDK found it relevant to make a status check and understand how mature the industry is. What are the best performing doing and where can other improve? Which challenges do companies struggle with? What are perceived as future winning technologies and application areas? Get inspired and find the answers in the article.  

The status check is both made in Commercial and Operations, which have given foundation for two reports. 

Download Commercial report

Download Operations report

Posted 28/03 2018

Big data analytics: Winners of the next decade 

Why has Big Data Analytics a prominence importance among Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) firms and how to get started? Get inspired and find the answers in the article. 

A shorter version of the original article was printed in DILForitering, Februar 2018, Årgang 55.

Download article here – short version

Download article here – full version

Posted 05/03 2018

17 SCM-eksperters bud på 2018 

Partner Henrik Knak er én af de 17 adspurgte eksperter, som har givet sit bud på, hvilke trends der vil fylde i 2018. Blandet andet nævner Henrik top-5 udfordringer, som supply chain-lederen skal håndtere. Dog mener han, at de overordnede forudsætninger for at overkomme disse udfordringer er, at lederen formår at tænke holistisk og nedbryde silotankegangen. Hvilke top-5 udfordringer og virkemidler som Henrik præcist identificerer, og hvad de resterende eksperter mener, kan du læse mere om i artiklen. Derudover kan du også få inspiration til, hvordan du får slebet supply chain-knivene og bliver klar til resten af 2018. 

Download artiklen her

Artiklen er trykt i SCM+LOGISTIK, 3. februar 2018, nr. 01 – 54. årgang 

Posted 22/02 2018

Syncronic has received two of Computerworld’s awards

In Computerworld’s yearly survey of the “Top 100 best IT Companies in Denmark”, Syncronic was awarded as 

  1. The best “SAP Integrator of the year” for the second time in a row
  2. Third best in the category of “IT Comet of the year”

We are very proud of these titles and will continue our dedicated work to make a difference for more clients in the future. 
You can find a link for Computerworld’s Top 100 publication (in Danish) here

Posted 15/12 2017

S&OP-modenhed blandt danske virksomheder 2017

Hvilket modenhedsniveau er danske virksomheder på, når det drejer sig om Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)? Hvad er barriererne for at udvikle processen? Og hvilke investeringer er påtænkt de næste tre år? Få svarene i vores undersøgelsesrapport lavet i samarbejde med DILF. 

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Posted 30/11 2017

Fremtidens Demand planning baserer sig på automatisering samt fokuserer på proaktive forbedringer

D. 1. og 3. November afholdt Syncronic morgenmøde om fremtidens demand planning for 50 supply chain profiler fra førende danske virksomheder.

Et gennemgående tema var skiftet fra manuel forecasting over til automatiseret og selvstyrende forecasting. Gentagne undersøgelser viser, at de mange manuelle procestrin og forecast ændringer de fleste virksomheder arbejder med i dag, risikerer at indbygge bias i forecastet og dermed reducerer nøjagtigheden sammenlignet med et automatiseret statistisk forecast. Dette kan undgås ved, at indføre en højere grad af automatisering samt, at arbejde målrettet med Forecast Value added og Proaktive improvement dashboards. Dermed ændrer man sit fokus fra reaktivt til proaktivt, og gør virksomheden mere effektiv, fleksibelt og agil. Første skrift er er lave et 360 graders Review af sit demand planning concept, inklusive en detaljeret analyse af Forecast benchmark, Forecastability samt Forcast value add.

Syncronic har udført sådanne 360 graders review for mange kundecases. Kunderne har især haft glæde af kataloget med konkrete initiativer, samt temperatur målingen på deres demand planning performance indenfor Struktur, Proces, Mennesker og Teknologi. Ring til Camilla Thuge Lund på 21 15 56 29, eller skriv på og hør nærmere.

Posted 10/11 2017

Morgenmøde: “Fremtidens Demand Planning & Forecasting” 

Hvad karakteriserer fremtidens Demand Planning, og hvordan kommer man derhen? 

På dette morgenmøde præsenterer vi fremtidens Demand Planning proces, og ser på udvalgte begreber og principper. Som optakt til arrangementet vil alle deltagere skulle udfylde et spørgeskema om egen praksis på området, som der arbejdes videre med under mødet. Med udgangspunkt i Syncronic’s maturity model, samt deltagernes niveau diskuterer vi, hvilke actions man kan tage for at forbedre sin proces.







Læs mere om arrangement her

Posted 04/10 2017

S&OP in Denmark Survey – Research Report released 

86% of Danish companies are working with S&OP in 2017, compared to 56% in 2013. The survey revealed a medium maturity level for S&OP Process, People and Structure, whilst the Technology dimension is immature for most companies. What differentiates leaders from laggers, and how do industries differentiate? Read our research report and get inspiration to mature your own S&OP process

Download the report

Posted 20/09 2017

Danish dynamite: Top-25 supply chain direktører 2017

Syncronic Management Consulting har via samarbejdet med foreningen AAASCM og Supply Chain Leaders Forum bidraget til at udvikle listen over de 25 bedste supply chain direktører i Danmark. Supply Chain Media og det anerkendte headhunter-firma Inspired-Search – begge fra Holland – har hjulpet med at identificere og rangere disse 25 dygtige ledere.






Her ses de fire faktorer og deres respektive underkriterier, som resulterede i én samlet score.   

Læs hele analysen her: SCLF2017 Top-25 Supply Chain Ledere i Danmark

Posted 14/09 2017

Syncronic Management Consulting sponsorerer prisen til bedste danske supply chain direktør 2017

Senior Vice President for Devices & Supply Chain Management i Novo Nordisk A/S, Susanne Hundsbæk-Pedersen, vandt onsdag den 6. september 2017 SYNCRONIC prisen for ‘Best Supply Chain Executive in Denmark 2017’. Prisen blev givet ifm. dette års 6th Supply Chain Leaders Forum 2017 på CBS. CEO Lars Kissow fra Syncronic overrakte prisen, som bestod af et Åse Højer-kunstværk samt en SCM Problemanalyse.






Lars Kissow overrækker Susanne Hundsbæk-Pedersen SYNCRONIC prisen for bedste supply chain direktør i Danmark 2017. Han flankeres (fra venstre) af Associeret Professor på CBS Aseem Kinra, CEO for Supply Chain Media Martijn Lofvers, Partner i Syncronic Henrik Knak, Headhunter og co-Founder af Inspired-Search Oskar Verkamman, Formand for IDA Operations Management Peter Brønd, og Analytiker i Inspired-Search Christian Plesca

Læs mere om hele 6th Supply Chain Leaders Forum 2017 arrangementet her: SCLF2017 pressemeddelelse

Posted 13/09 2017

Highlights fra Next Level S&OP morgenmøde

Den 20-21. juni var 40 S&OP ledere fra store danske virksomheder samlet, i henholdsvis Århus & København, for at høre om hvad der ligger i en moden S&OP proces, diskutere hvordan man kommer derhen, samt se hvordan SAP IBP S&OP i praksis understøtter den modne S&OP proces.

I break out sessioner blev der ivrigt debatteret, hvad der opleves som de største barrierer for, at modne sin S&OP. De barrierer som deltagerne anså for at være de største var:

  1. Manglende fokus og forankring i ledelsen 
  2. Silo tilgang
  3. Underliggende demand og supply proces er ikke afstemt

I forhold til hvad man kan gøre for at overkomme disse barrierer, blev der især talt om:

  1. Afholde executive envisioning workshop, for sammen at formulere visionen samt visualisere den konkrete business case
  2. Spille S&OP game, for at skabe forståelse for processen og dens udfordringer på tværs af organisationen i et uformelt miljø
  3. Foretage et 360 graders review af hele S&OP processen inklusive demand og supply planning, for at identificere svaghederne i den nuværende situation, sætte ambitionen for den fremtidige, samt etablere et Roadmap for modning af planlægningsprocesserne inklusive S&OP

Alle 3 områder er noget Syncronic har lang erfaring i at hjælpe virksomheder med.

Vores næste morgenmøde kommer til at omhandle Segmentet Planning Concepts, Demand Planning eller Inventory Optimization. Send os en mail på, hvis du ønsker at blive skrevet på VIP listen til næste arrangement

Posted 18/08 2017

Sådan påvirker digitaliseringen S&OP

S&OP processen er den vigtigste tværfunktionelle proces i en virksomhed, men mange oplever modenhedsmæssigt at gå i stå på niveau 1 eller 2. Ud over organisatoriske tiltag, er manglende digitaliseringen den væsentligste årsag til manglende udvikling af S&OP processens performance. Artiklen gennemgår digital S&OP modenhed og relaterede trends. Artiklen er den første i en serie af tre om digitaliseringen af S&OP processen.
Læs vore nye artikel af Henrik Knak og lær mere.

Download artiklen

Trykt i Dansk Indkøb og Logistik Forum blad, DILForientering Maj 2017 Årgang 54.

Posted 03/05 2017

Explore our new page on SAP S/4HANA

Explore our new page and learn more about SAP S/4HANA – SAP’s next-generation ERP.
Here you can also download our first S/4HANA one-pager on the subject: S/4HANA – Advanced planning.

Find the page and the one-pager here.

Posted 21/04 2017

New article published: “It’s time to revitalize your Planning Concept”

An introduction to why and how you should assess your current Planning Concept in a dynamic environment.

Download the article

Posted 17/04 2017

What is next-level S&OP and how do you get there?

In June, Syncronic is hosting two events (in Danish) on this subject, one in Aarhus and one in Copenhagen. Learn more and see how to sign up here.

Posted 11/04 2017

22 Consultants are now trained in SAPs next-generation ERP – SAP S/4HANA

SAP Services, Syncronics department focusing on SAP, has held an internal hands-on session in SAP S/4HANA and we are proud to say that the majority of our SAP Consultants now are trained in SAP S/4HANA 1610. Our team of consultants are already working on several SAP S/4HANA implementations in Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. We see the demand is accelerating. If you are in doubt whether it is time for your company to perform an upgrade or you simply want to know more about SAP S/4HANA, please contact Ann Louise B. Thuesen, Partner and Head of SAP Services at

Posted 08/04 2017

Business Consulting afholdt Morgenmøde på Nimb omkring Supply Chain Trends 2017 – Hvordan udvikler du fremtidens Supply Chain.

10 Supply Chain Topchefer fra danske virksomheder var samlet for at få et værdifuldt overblik over trends, samt til åben debat om hvilke strategiske initiativer, der bør stå på agendaen. De top 3 Initiativer, der samstemmende blev anset for de vigtigste, var:
1. Customer Journey mapping
2. Etablering af processer og systemer indenfor Advanced Analytics
3. Digitaliserings roadmap

Hvis du ønsker at blive skrevet på vores VIP liste for kommende arrangement, eller vide mere in Trends & Fremtidens Supply Chain kan du kontakte Camilla Thuge Lund, Partner Business Consulting på

Posted 20/03 2017

New article published: 10 ways Customer Journey Mapping can improve Supply Chain performance

Get ideas and inspiration by reading our newest article on how customer journey mapping can improve supply chain performance.

Download the article

Posted 12/03 2017

Read Henrik Knaks view on corporate readiness of supply chain digitization when he was asked by Korn Ferry and Supply Chain Media regarding this topic

Digitalization of society and digital supply chains are hot topics at the moment. Korn Ferry and Supply Chain Media asked me yesterday about my opinion regarding corporate readiness of supply chain digitization.

They asked for my feedback on the following two questions:
1. What are the main strategic and executional challenges for companies in supply chain digitization?
2. What should companies and supply chain professional do in the matter of supply chain digitization?

Here is my reply:

What are the main strategic and executional challenges for companies in supply chain digitization?

In my view, a Supply Chain Executive have three main strategic challenges:

1. Holistic approach: From a strategic point of view I experience that many companies across industries struggle with their holistic approach to digitalization of the entire company and their value chain, in particular how they prioritize their investments to get maximum value from digitalization for the overall company – often initiatives are sporadic, functional oriented and not orchestrated. For supply chain executives this affects especially some of the more cross-functional investments like S&OP, forecasting and analytics, product introductions and product/service innovation. Hence, for a Supply Chain Executive the main challenge is getting into the overall digital budget with investments that make the company overall more competitive by leveraging supply chain to increase the power of products and services options, and at the same time helps efficiency and agility of the supply chain to increase.

2. Critical rights: The second main strategic challenge is obviously to understand the opportunities at hand within supply chain, and selecting the ‘critical rights’. The competitive intensity and focus varies from one industry to another, and critical rights in e.g. Consumer Products will be quite different from Automotive or Construction. Even at sub-industry level the differences are substantial. In e.g. a food product company one of the critical rights may be a mobile app which integrates favorite recipes with actual purchase experience offering targeted discounts on available products that is about to expire. Helping to minimize food waist and getting discount might be the critical right that enables growth and at the same time minimize scrap – and feeds back into the replenishment cycle to secure zero out of shelf in the store. For e.g. an Automotive producer like Audi it might instead be internet-connected sensors enabling preventive maintenance and automatically inviting the owner for workshop service visits on demand – or in the parking lot while the car is not in use.

3. Mindset: Finally, the third main strategic challenge is grounded in the mindset of a Supply Chain Executive. Digital Supply Chain is still a new buzzword and content is constantly expanding. Big data and advanced analytics are one of the most promising digital levers to focus on in supply chain, though the mindset of Executives needs to leap out of the daily execution mode and tactical thinking leveraging traditional optimization focus, and into building Centers of Excellence with totally new skills: data mining experts, data scientists, modelling and simulation experts, analysts and so forth. Skills that functionally needs to embrace also commercial topics, e.g. customer segmentation and campaign management. This change in mindset – acquiring and leveraging completely new technology driven skills – is quite a strategic challenge for many Supply Chain Executives of the older generation.

What should companies and supply chain professional do in the matter of supply chain digitization?

In short, my recommendation would fall into three steps:

1. Customer-centric approach: Understand where your company is today with digital, and form a joint vision across executives and functions on how digitalization could be leveraged in the future – map and understand the customer journey first and make sure your vision is customer-centric.

2. Holistic opportunity map: Work structured and in a paced manner with inspiration, and develop a holistic opportunity map spanning as a minimum commercial and operations. If time and money permit – and depending on industry – also innovation and support functions should be included. If you are looking for truly disruptive options you need to think out of the box and not be limited by functions.

3. Prioritize initiatives: Once you have mapped the opportunities management should align on targets and define which parameters to prioritize on. Prioritize the opportunities and evaluate a couple of scenarios before your select the vital few and develop a roadmap for the coming 1-2 years. Revisit the roadmap from a holistic point of view minimum every 6 month as things tend to change fast in the digital domain.

Contact me if you have a digital challenge and need to get a clear path forward.

Henrik Knak, partner in strategy consulting and digitalization

+45 5354 6055 / / @henrikknak

Posted 28/02 2017

Do your Performance Measures tell the true story of the success of your Strategy?

Read our new article on Performance Management where we give you insight on how to approach this critical subject.

Download the article

Posted 01/02 2017

New colleague joining Strategy Consulting Practice

We are happy to inform you that on January 16, Zohreh Azimi will join us as a Consultant. She is an engineer with commercial sense and has practical experience from Velux, Othonia Curing Technology, SDU, ACN and working as an interpreter in three different languages. Beyond Danish, English and German, Zahra also speaks Persian (mother tongue) and Hindi/urdu.

She holds a MSc in Engineering from University of Southern Denmark (SDU) focusing on Product Development & Innovation.

Posted 11/01 2017

6th Supply Chain Leaders Forum 2017 @ CBS – Theme: ‘Digital Supply Chain 4.0’

On September 6th 2017 Syncronic and CBS will deliver the 6th Supply Chain Leaders Forum 2017 together with DTU, AAASCM, IDA, HorisontGruppen and SCM Media. This combined award show and conference will feature awards to the best SCM academics in Denmark across CBS and DTU, and to the Best Supply Chain Leader in Denmark 2017. SCM Media and an international headhunter company will facilitate the identification and nomination, and the winner will be selected by a board represented by peers, CBS and DTU professors, IDA and AAASCM.

During the award show and conference a number of Danish and international speakers will deliver exciting presentations on the topic Digital Supply Chain 4.0.

Platinum sponsors: IDA, Syncronic
Gold sponsor: GS1, RELEX, NEVI and other (TBC).

Date and time: September 6th, 2017 from 14:00 – 17:00 followed by a reception.
Location: Porcelænshaven, 2000 Frederiksberg (Copenhagen), Denmark.

Posted 09/01 2017

Explore the process steps and key functionalities of SAP IBP

SAP IBP is a next-generation planning application, powered by SAP HANA, that enables a truly integrated planning process.
Syncronic has used its experience to boil down the key messages of SAP IBP, which will be posted as five 1-pagers.

Get your copy today.

See Syncronic’s publication page.

Posted 20/12 2016

New article on Supply Chain trends and responses

Keeping yourself up to date on trends is a must for today’s Supply Chain professionals. This article presents today’s trends and how leading companies respond to these. An inspiration to define your own vision and strategic development roadmap for your Supply Chain.

See Syncronic’s publication page.

Posted 20/12 2016

We are happy to announce that Henrik Knak will join us

We are pleased to announce that Henrik Knak has joined Syncronic as partner. He has extensive experience working with supply chain management and strategy, and will mainly focus on the development and strengthening of our strategy services.
Join us and meet Henrik at our 10 year company anniversary on the 4th of November at Nimb’s Piano Bar in Copenhagen from 3 pm to 6 pm.

Posted 01/11 2016


Syncronic would like to invite all partners, customers, former employees, and anyone who is interested, to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. We will celebrate this milestone by having a reception at Nimb’s Piano bar in Copenhagen from 15.00 to 18.00 on November 4th.

Posted 27/10 2016

Do you trust your forecast or your gut feeling?

Companies tend to forget the Demand Planning process, when forecasting. This article focuses on Forecasting as an integrated part of Demand Planning and reflects Business Consulting’s approach to streamline and simplify the latter.

See Syncronic’s publication page.

Posted 26/10 2016

SAP-integrator of the year, 2016

In Computerworld’s yearly survey of the “Top 100 best IT Companies in Denmark”, Syncronic was awarded as the best “SAP Integrator of the year” (Top 3 SAP-integratorer).

We are very satisfied and proud of this title and will continue our dedicated work to make a difference for more clients in the future. You can find a link for Computerworld’s Top 100 publication (in Danish) here.

Posted 12/10 2016

Når business casen for IT investeringer ikke bare er varm luft!

How do you ensure benefit realisation, when implementing new IT systems? Read Søren Klinkby’s (Partner) answer to this and learn how to prepare your organization for IT projects.

See Syncronic’s publication page.

Posted 23/09 2016

New MRP course organized in cooperation between Syncronic and DILF

Get up to speed with Syncronic and DILF, follow the link for information about our course in MRP:

Material Requirement Planning

Posted 19/09 2016

Syncronic has a new course, where we focus on how to approach business problems applying a structured and fact based method including tools

What’s your approach to problem-solving? Our approach is fact-based and will enable you to identify root causes instead of symptoms.
Together with DILF – Danish Purchase & Logistics Forum, we have organized two courses:

Supply Chain Excellence Del 1 – Supply Chain Analysis

Supply Chain Excellence Del 2 – Supply Chain Improvement

Posted 13/09 2016

Would you treat a disease with painkillers or look at root causes? New article published in the Danish Purchase & Logistics Forum Magazine

Do you always make sure to adress the root causes when analyzing business problems or do you waste your time looking at symptoms? Find our contribution on this topic in the latest Magazine by DILF – Danish Purchase & Logistics Forum, issue 3.

See Syncronic’s publication page.

Posted 07/09 2016

Syncronic has published a new article about how to bridge the gap between strategy and operations

Do you need inspiration on how to link your strategy with day-to-day operations? Get inspired by our new article, where we present our approach and view on this topic.

See Syncronic’s publication page.

Posted 05/08 2016

Syncronic has the pleasure to welcome two new consultants

– Jakob Harms Østergaards has been working as student assistent for the last 7 months and will now join Syncronic full time.
He has proven him self to have a strong mindset within SCM combined with the right attitude towards challenges.

– Claus Brogaard is coming from a position at Novozymes, where he has been working with Global Demand Planning. Previously he has been working at Toms and PWC within Supply Chain Management.

Welcome to both of them!

Posted 01/08 2016

Our forecasting product ‘sophub’ is in the paper today

See more on Linkedin or read about sophub at

Posted 04/03 2016

New visual identity

As a part of our corporate visual identity strategy we have per 1st of January 2016 launched a new logo, home page and general visual identity.

Posted 22/01 2016

First to implement SAP IBP S&OP (powered by HANA) in the Nordic

Syncronic Management Consulting is the first company in the Nordic region to successfully implement SAP IBP S&OP. This was in a global company. SAP IBP, which is built on the HANA technology, is the future planning suite from SAP, and an area that we are taking Nordic consulting leadership on.

Read more: SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Posted 22/01 2016

Syncronic Business Consulting is looking for Senior Supply Chain Consultants

As our Business Consulting practise is growing, we are looking for experienced Supply Chain practitioners that can help serving our customers with supply chain projects and participate in further development of our practise. If you are interested, please check out the career section or the job add on Linked In.

15/01 2016

Emil Jønson will join the Business Consulting practise as Business Consultant

From January 1st 2016; Emil Jønson will join the Business Consulting practise as Business Consultant. Emil is coming from a position within the SAP Service practise where his tasks over the last couple of years has been in the area of process improvement and optimization within Supply Chain.

15/12 2015

New student helper will support the Business Consulting practise

Jakob Harms Østergaard is starting as student helper and will support the Business Consulting practise with various research and coordination tasks. Jakob is finishing his master from Copenhagen Business School by June 2016.

Jakob’s key expertises are: Value Chain Mapping, Process Optimization, Sourcing, and Sales & Operations Planning.

15/12 2015

Host for an event on Forecasting and Sales & Operations Planning

Syncronic is the host for a knowledge boosting event on Forecasting and Sales & Operations Planning at Hotel Lautrup Park. At the event; Syncronic Business Consulting will present the key concepts within these important Supply Chain disciplines and Royal Unibrew will present their result from the joint project with Syncronic. Finally; there is a session on how to approach improvement and achieve results with the compliance formula. 20 of the largest Danish companies and 28 participant participated in this event. Would you like to be invited for future events, please send a mail to

20/10 2015

Booklet from Syncronic Business Consulting

Syncronic Business Consulting has published the Booklet “Reflections of Supply Chain Excellence in the context of trends in the global business environment”. The Booklet presents an overview of global trends and their impact to Supply Chains. Furthermore; the book reveals the critical best practise concepts that addresses these trends and a method of how these concepts can be implemented in your business.

01/06 2015

Søren Raun as new Principal Business Consultant

Syncronic has hired Søren Raun as Principal Business Consultant to strengthen it’s Business Consulting Practise. Søren Raun is coming from a position as Principal consultant within NNE Pharmaplan and has earlier worked for LEO Pharma, Carlsberg, Novozymes and Lundbeck. Søren brings extensive experience of management and performance improvement within Supply Chain Planning, Forecasting, Sales & Operations Planning and cross-organisational alignment.

01/05 2015

New Business Consulting practise in Syncronic

Syncronic has established a Business Consulting practise to service existing and new customers looking to improve their Supply Chain Performance. Syncronic has hired Camilla Thuge Lund as Head of Business Consulting. Camilla Thuge Lund has earlier worked for Carlsberg UK, Carlsberg Breweries and PricewaterhouseCoopers and has +15 years of experience with Supply Chain Performance improvement.

01/03 2015